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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living#LiveInspired in sustainable homes built for today, but envisioned for the future! At Royal Purandar, less is more!Though we consume only 0.004 TMC of water as opposed to the city of Pune that requires 16 TMC, every individual herereceives 200 litres of water per day, due to low population density!The Rain Water Harvesting System makes full use of collected rain water • Avoids the use of synthetic chemicals, eliminating the risk of ground water contamination• Improves soil quality, retaining its fertility• Crop rotation is employed to reduce reliance on pesticides• Helps combat soil erosion, retaining 8 more inches of topsoil than a chemically treated field • Significantly reduces threat of water pollution due to toxic farm run-off• Encourages a healthy, natural habitat for birds, farm animals and bio-diversity • Prevents premature ageing• Boosts immunity system• Prevents cancer• Reduces the risk of heart diseases• Organic produce is more nutritious • Organic food tastes better Design PhilosophyThe natural landscape has been left untouched to the maximum possible extent without cutting into contourDouble volume spaces provide ample natural ventilation to cool the interiors & reduce dependence on artificial coolingLarge windows that naturally brighten the interior spaces How organic farming benefits WaterConservation Royal Purandar Pune City Consumes0.004 TMC Water Consumes16 TMC Water Each person receives200 litres per day Each person receivesLess than 100 litres per day V/S The Ecosystem And You   Other Measures   CSR initiatives include providing employment to those inhabiting the area surrounding Royal Purandar   Waterways have been created with a specially designed bio-filtration system to achieve a self-sustainable waterbody over time   1.25 Lac trees have been planted for the sustenance of flora and fauna     Solar energy is tapped to conserve conventional energy   An Automated Waste Management System is planned

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