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Seeing is believing – come experience the beauty of Royal Purandar!

Pick & drop facilty car

Here’s 5 irresistible reasons to visit us:

  • 1. See our sustainable initiatives like organic farming and rainwater harvesting for yourself!
  • 2. It’ll only take you 45 min from Pune to get here – isn’t that the perfect drive in this cool monsoon weather?
  • 3. Enjoy scenic views with misty mountains, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes and lush greenery…not only on your drive but also at our site!
  • 4. The location has experienced over 130% appreciation over the last two years. Visit us and you’ll see why!
  • 5. Plus, we’ll tell you more all about our assured rentals up to Rs. 1.25 Lac for a year.

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