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Wooden Chalets- The Next Big Trend in Weekend Homes

June 2016


Escaping the monotony of everyday humdrum is what every one of us keeps yearning for. Almost every Monday, we wake up thinking “This weekend, I’m going to a resort, that’s it”.

And then comes Friday when we see ourselves having the same old dinner at a city restaurant or catching up a movie in one of the multiplexes. The rest of the weekend just goes away managing to get up from the bed and eating.

Well, things would have been different if you had a weekend home! A place where you could reach within less than an hour, with just a couple of casual clothes in a backpack and spend your weekend in the most amazing way. No rigorous planning, no special preparations, just a simple yet rejuvenating getaway.

Wooden Chalets, i.e. lake-side or river-side cottages, are catching up fast in the preference list of a second home. There are multiple advantages of owning one of these, such as:

1. Low-maintenance

Unlike bungalows, villas or farmhouses, Wooden Chalets are low on maintenance costs.

2. Compact, yet cosy

Wooden Chalets usually come as single family residence but offer a comfortable stay for 4-6 members.

3. Unique architecture

The charming wooden built sets it apart from regular weekend homes as well as apartment hotels.

Fascinated? Book your beautiful Wooden Chalets amidst a fully-developed infrastructure and a fleet of lifestyle amenities, just 45 min from Pune. Break the monotony of your routine life and #LiveInspired. See more details here : Weekend homes near Pune