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Why investing in a villa is better than an apartment!

June 2017


In fond memory of those bygone days when the garden outside your home was your recreational cocoon, and the backyard was your experimenting hub, a villa home is one that makes every homebuyer brim with emotions!

But is it a good investment against the more popular apartment residences? Let’s find out if villas are a better investment than apartments!

1) Price

The first thing that matters to most homebuyers or investors is the price of a property. It is surprising to find out that villas, when compared to high-end luxury apartments, come at a lower investment. Luxury flats can cost in crores and a decent villa might come at the same cost as of a 2 BHK in a posh urban locale.

2) Location

The location can be a deciding factor for saleability of a property. If you buy a villa in an upcoming or much sought-after area, it can yield handsome returns. On the other hand, apartments can become a liability if the location suffers from realty saturation. These days, most of the cities have saleable apartment complexes all over the map. This means a lot of these projects are not getting buyers due to saturation in supply.

3) Demand

Villas make for luxury or premium real estate properties. They have been so for decades and even though cities are choked with apartments, villas will remain a high-end choice forever. This is mainly because villas offer optimum luxury as compared to an apartment. It is an independent unit and many prefer privacy over sharing common spaces. Therefore, the demand for a villa will always be high, making it a great investment option.

Investing in a property can be a challenging task if you do not have the correct information. To find out about villa plot schemes in Pune that promise a high ROI, explore villa plots by Royal Purandar.

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