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Summer Décor Ideas for Your Villa Home

April 2019



imageAs the temperature rises, we introduce the necessary changes in our day to day lives. Be it shifting to more water based foods, repairing ACs or even bringing more greenery indoors to maintain a cooler atmosphere, there’s no right or wrong way to welcome the summer season. In fact, why not start the new season by revamping the interiors. Light, fresh hues make sure your decor leaves you feeling lively and cheerful all summer.

Here are some home decor tips that make your home summer-ready.

Colour it summer:

Colours play a very important role in setting the theme for the season. In summers, the airy and breezy look is more alluring. Add a touch of bright blues, lime yellows and greens or even tangerines with your cushions and curtains and use the ambient rays of the sun to enliven your home. It can uplift your mood instantly. But if you’re not one who enjoys bright, vibrant colours, a splash of soft grey and florals can be more inviting.

Create more space:

Summers are usually hot and stuffy but you can give your home an airy feel. Just space out the furniture in your rooms towards the wall. You can even keep your windows open to let in fresh air but if dust, pollution and privacy is an issue, you can go for sheer curtains that lend a light, breezy touch to your interiors.

Spruce up your open space:

Would you rather stay hidden inside or enjoy the cool breeze outdoors on a hot summer day? Breezy open spaces such as your terrace, balcony or even a patio are very welcoming during summers. You can spruce up the outdoor space with many seating options like ottomans, bean bags or poufs for that relaxing vibe.

Bring a touch of summer to your indoors:

More often than not, adding greens in indoors can change the feel of a home. If you don’t have big balconies or patios, you can give your home a breath of fresh air with indoor plants and flowers. The air flow within your home gets better and it’s also easy on the eyes. Just make sure you pick out the right plants to keep indoors.

Time to replace winters:

Heavy drapes, thick bedding and warm fabrics that were supposed to give a cosy feel during winters are a big NO in summers. Instead use breathable fabrics for your sheets and bed linens. Roll up the carpets and keep them in your storage area. Replace them with rugs made of cotton, bamboo and any other light fabric.

Give these home decor tips a try to give your home the perfect look this season. Enjoy the best of your summer times at Royal Purandar. N.A. plots near Pune for sale where you get a chance to spruce up your villa home and make your summer season even brighter.