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Royal Purandar’s Fun-tastic Weekends!

August 2015


What is adventure? Well, it can be defined as that feeling of adrenaline that courses through your veins as you indulge in pulsating activities. Adventure can take you to the unknown, push you beyond your limits and help you overcome your fears. What makes these trips truly gratifying? Sharing your adventures with your friends and family. Royal Purandar’s Fun-tastic Weekends will give you that exact opportunity!

Launching on Saturday, 22nd August 2015, the event is an opportunity for families to bond over fun activities in the great outdoors. It will be conducted at the scenic Royal Purandar site, which lies at the foothills of Purandar Fort. So not only can one indulge their adventurous side but also take in the awe-inspiring views as they traverse the terrain. A true experience amidst nature, the event takes advantage of the delightful Pune climate. 

The Royal Purandar site is located just 45 minutes from Pune, on the Pune – Satara Road.  A project housing NA Villas and Plots Royal Purandar enjoys great connectivity to Mumbai and Kolhapur as well. So an adventure-filled weekend is just a short drive away!

Truly ‘a time to rejoice with your loved ones’, Royal Purandar’s Fun-tastic Weekends offer the following array of activities that the entire family can be a part of:

•    A team Adventure Trek

•    Team Bonding games dedicated to teaching spontaneous thinking ability, interpersonal communication, and team coordination

•    A scavenger hunt with hidden clues and artifacts

•    Camping activities and much more

A community event, Royal Purandar’s Fun-tastic Weekends are an escape from the lonesome Sundays spent in movie halls to a time filled with adventure and community bonding. The event invites you to bring the entire family, click pictures, make memories and live an adventure that will last for a lifetime.