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Royal Purandar Redefines Family Outings & Picnics

June 2016


If the little ones are forever complaining about a vacation, and life, in general, looks like a big routine circle, you know it’s time to dash out of town for a relaxing holiday. Enter Royal Purandar, a lush green 160-acre gated community of N.A. villa plots and wooden chalets that promises to pull you out of the rut you’ve been stuck in for a long, long time.

What’s different about Royal Purandar, you ask? For starters, there’s something for everyone, regardless of what age group they belong to. Take, for example, the range of community amenities within the premises – indoor/outdoor games, library, theatre room, gym, swimming pool, a lounge bar, and a conference hall, among many others. For the seniors, on the other hand, the landscaped gardens and green, aromatic locales make for an excellent way to stretch legs and catch a few moments of relaxation. 

Furthermore, the expansive camping site at Royal Purandar lends an all new picnic experience to the entire family. Spend an evening stargazing with your little ones and give them the thrill they’ve been longing for back at home. Couple up the camping with a day spent in nature trails and forest treks, both of which are ideal opportunities for family bonding that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Royal Purandar’s resort-like homes truly revamp your family time by keeping you close to every convenience imaginable in a scenic setting. The entire vibe of your villa is so rejuvenating and full of refreshment, you’d barely want to ever head back home.

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