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Royal Purandar - An Opportunity to Turn Your Life Around

November 2016


“Wake up. Head to work. Work. Get back home. Have dinner. Sleep.” Is this the life you lead? What happened to living life to the fullest? What happened to the passion for adventure that filled your childhood? Don’t you think you should regain it? Yes you should!
And here comes an opportunity to do just that. With a weekend home at Royal Purandar, you will experience life in its active form each and every day. The multiple adventure activities at this project - camping, mountain biking, fishing and more take active living to all new heights.

The multiple opportunities that Royal Purandar offers are:

Mountain Biking: With mesmerizing views of mountains and valleys, Royal Purandar offers the perfect place for mountain biking. So if you are ready for the challenge, hit the 1.94 km trail!


Nature trails: Take a stroll in the morning along the 1.32 km trail and enjoy nature’s beauty with diverse plants, wetlands, forests and more!


Camping: Sleep under the stars, go hiking and cook over a campfire – all of these offer ways to connect with nature and relax.


Fishing: What better way to spend time with your little one? Head out for a fun-filled day of fishing in any of the 6 man made lakes at Royal Purandar.
And these are just 4 activities! You get countless opportunities to do things at Royal Purandar that you wouldn’t be able to do back at home.

Just 45 minutes away from the city of Pune, the 160-acre gated community isn’t too far from home. Whether it’s just for weekends or you’d prefer to live there year round, Royal Purandar will never fail to impress you. Explore the project at - Royal Purandar