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Outdoor & Camping Safety Tips For The Whole Family

May 2019


With the summer holidays begun, it’s time to escape to cooler destinations to beat the heat. A summer camping trip is a wonderful experience for kids and grownups alike to connect with nature, bond together and create unforgettable memories! But before you head out this weekend with your family, make sure you are well-prepared with the basics.

Whether you’re planning a leisurely trip or outdoor adventures in the wilderness, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

#1: Stay Contactable

A camping trip is perfect for disconnecting from the world and tuning in to nature. But in case of an emergency, it’s important to be able to contact others quickly. Even if you keep your cell phone switched off, make sure it’s fully charged. Don’t forget to carry along a power cord and portable battery charger.

#2: Be Ready For The Weather

If you plan to go trekking, wear appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, and protective gear like caps and sunglasses. To prevent any sunburns, ensure you and your kids apply sunscreen frequently to all exposed parts of the body. Stay prepared for the rains by carrying wind-cheaters or rain jackets.

#3: Keep The Bugs Away

Pack an insect repellent spray, cream or fabric roll on as the outdoors are likely to harbour mosquitoes, flies and ticks, whose bites can spread diseases. Keep your kids safe from pests so you can have an enjoyable and undisturbed trip!

#4: Make A Summer Splash

If you’re planning to go boating or swimming in a lake for a raw outdoor experience, refrain from alcohol as it can increase risk of accidents. Be extra cautious of the deep end or currents. After swimming, make sure to have a bath as natural lakes can carry animal parasites. All in all, act responsibly to have a memorable time!

#5: Pack Enough Food & Water

Carry water bottles when you’re hiking or engaging in other outdoor activities as it’s important to stay hydrated. You can snack on biscuits, dry fruits and nuts for an energy boost whenever you get tired. It’s also advisable to avoid consuming alcohol when it’s hot and sunny outside, as it can lead to dehydration.

#6: Don’t Start A Forest Fire

When you’re lighting a bonfire, never pour gasoline as it’s highly flammable and can result in unfortunate burn injuries. Have a clear space for the fire pit, away from flammable wood like overhanging tree branches and plants. Use dry wood, dry leaves and dry bark for kindling the campfire. Remember to have extinguishing material or buckets of water around.

These simple tips will make sure that your family has a delightful and safe camping trip!

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So get ready to set up the tent, roll out your sleeping bags and spend a night under the stars!