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Nature calling! Pune’s New Second-home Hot Spot

December 2015


The every step that Pune takes ahead in the direction of industrial development, it comes two steps behind in terms of preservation of nature. Industrial development is important, but we have to understand that along with industries, the conservation of nature is of equal importance. That's the reason concepts like N.A. villa plots and second homes are becoming so popular these days. To escape the concrete jungle and find solace in the lap of nature has become a dream of those working professionals who have to undergo the ordeal of traffic jams, air and sound pollution every day. 

A good second home can work wonders for your personal as well as professional life. A weekend in the serene atmosphere can revitalize you for the challenges of the week ahead. Second homes are usually placed in the locations which are studded with nature's beauty and clean, pollution free environs. The setting which gives you that much-needed respite from the maddening rush of the city life. Hence, the places on the outskirts of Pune are becoming the preferred destinations for building second homes. Another essential requirement of the second homes is to be placed close to the city as to have a smooth passage for easy conveyance. 

The second-home concept can also be looked at from the perspective of investment. Taking into account Pune's enormous development on the real estate front, the N.A. plots or the second-homes present a huge investment potential. So, while you enjoy quality time with your family at your weekend retreat, the investment value of your property will keep soaring.   

Royal Purandar in Dewadi is one such property which checks all the boxes of a perfect second home destination. The 160 acre gated community of Royal Purandar offers N.A. plots which are ideal for your weekend homes. Situated in Dewadi, it is just 45 minutes away from Pune. Covered in lush greenery and the beautiful scenic landscapes the N.A. plots of Royal Purandar come with all the provisions of modern amenities like swimming pool, indoor outdoor games, etc. A perfect place for a soul soothing living experience.