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#LiveInspired: 7 Decor staples to amp up your patio

July 2016


Just like the interiors, the patio of your home too needs to be spruced up. When the inside of your home looks fab why should the outdoors look drab? We have 7 decor stables that will instantly amp up your patio! What’s even more interesting is that these 7 decor elements are as timeless as your favourite pair of jeans! 

1) Patio Swings-  A patio swing is almost like an indispensable part of any porch or patio. It makes the space seem more inviting and fun. Throw in couple of fun pillows and bolsters to add more dimension to this simple decor staple. 

2) Neutral coloured garden furniture- Patios offer the much needed peace, calm and solitude. Thus, it is important to have neutral coloured garden furniture.  It not only adds to the soothing canvas of green but also fades gracefully  . Opt for macrame cord or sturdy plastic furniture. 

3) Foldable tables-  What better place to enjoy a Sunday brunch than the patio? Foldable tables always come in handy-so make sure you have one within easy reach. 

4) Flower Pots- No matter how big or small your patio may be, colourful flower pots will never fail to add to the charm of the place. Choose flower pots in varying sizes and colours and flaunt your favourite plants and flowering shrubs in them. 

5) Bright upholstery- Brighten up the space using bright upholstery and cushions. They  add freshness and fun to the space. They also give an instant face lift to the area making it cheerful, happy and  truly blissful. Let the colours heal and relax you. 

6) Colourful Umbrellas- If you have a pool side patio then table-inset umbrellas are an absolute must. They not only provide refuge from the sun but also make the area look much cooler. Remember : Bright coloured umbrellas add a quirky fun element to the space while neutral shades  tone down the space. 

7) Apt Lighting- Apt lighting can make the saddest looking place look and feel more upbeat. String lighting, halogen lamps , romantic Chinese lighting or tall lamps – whatever your style may be, feel free to incorporate it in your patio. Lights are like magic dust-  it just makes everything look so much better. So ditch the tube lights and switch to softer lighting, perfect for those peaceful evening soirees.