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#LiveInspired: 6 Things You should Look for in a Weekend Home

May 2016


There is nothing cooler than owning a weekend home far from the madness of the city. You know what’s even cooler? Having all that you’d need right at your disposal! Choosing that perfect weekend home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Not knowing what to look for can be a major hurdle. However, we are here to help! Listed below are 6 things you should look for in a weekend home!

1) The location-

The first and most important thing to consider is its location. Is it easily accessible? Is it surrounded by enough greenery? Is it well connected to the main city? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then probably you are close to your perfect weekend home. 

2) Approvals-

The second most important thing to look for is whether the property has all the approvals in place. Check for documents pertaining to bank and government approvals. 

3) Is it a smart investment? –

There is no doubt that it is great to own a weekend home but is it a smart investment? If done correctly, then off course it is! Make sure your weekend home is well connected and is located close to an upcoming area where it would enjoy long term appreciation. 

4) Travelling time-

Before signing the dotted line make sure that you are happy with the distance of your weekend home from your home. It should be close enough for you reach easily yet far enough to help you forget all about the city. 

5) Can it be given up on rent?

 A good weekend home is that which helps you get rentals. Make sure that your home and its surroundings have enough to keep people wanting to share the experience- so your investment actually helps you earn money! 

6) Comforts and conveniences -

What makes most people buy a weekend home is its spacious outdoors and a wide array of comforts and conveniences. Thus, it is important to take that into consideration before deciding. 


Royal Purandar is a beautiful summation of all the above mentioned points and more. Located just 45 minutes from Pune, this weekend paradise offers an enviable list of adventure activities. Priced at a mere Rs 57 lac with a 2 year rental assurance, Royal Purandar will give new meanings to your weekends!