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Live Inspired Every Day In A Sustainable Lifestyle

October 2018

Live Inspired Every Day In A Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable living is the new buzzword in the housing sector today, and for all the right reasons. A sustainable project is one that is built for the comforts of today, but envisioned for the needs of the future. Resource conservation, energy-efficiency, waste recycling and organic farming are key components of a sustainable project.

If you have been on the lookout for a home that inspires you to live luxuriously yet sustainably, then Royal Purandar is the place for you.

Designed to give you the best living experience—not only for today, but also for the future—here are the key features of sustainable living at Royal Purandar:

1.Water conservation:

An effective rainwater harvesting system and an efficient water dispensation system help conserve the precious resource that is water, so that there is always enough—for today and tomorrow.

2.Organic farming:

Organic farming is an intrinsic facet of sustainable development, and Royal Purandar upholds the practice. Organic farming benefits our health as well as the ecosystem in countless ways.

3.Solar energy:

Royal Purandar taps into the effective utilization of solar energy in an effort to conserve conventional energy. This is both cost-effective and great for the environment.

4.Waste management:

Effective waste management and recycling can have an excellent positive impact on the ecosystem, and Royal Purandar abides by this philosophy in its practices.

5.Green landscape:

1.25 lac trees have been planted on site as an attempt to preserve biodiversity and the sustenance of flora and fauna. Moreover, the natural landscape has been left untouched to the maximum extent possible.

6.Design philosophy:

The homes at Royal Purandar have been designed intelligently—with large glass windows and double volume spaces--in order to ensure maximum natural light and ventilation, both of which significantly reduce energy consumption.

Here are the many benefits of the sustainable practices at the project:

  • Improved air quality
  • Green and serene surroundings
  • Biodiversity
  • Clean eating and organic farming
  • Reduced cost of living

Most importantly, these practices benefit the environment and go a long way in securing our future.

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