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How To: Turn that Routine Around with Adventure

June 2016


Sick of the usual home-to-work-work-to-home routine? A dash of adventure is all you need to make life a roller-coaster ride! Now, now. We don’t say that you embark upon a long, tumultuous journey and never look back. A little shift here and there, and you’ll see within days how your life is free of the daily grind. Here’s how a little adventure plays an important part in that quest:

1. Forget the rule book

Following your rulebook is directly proportional to a routine, set-in-the-ways life. Break free from it, and experiment a little. It could be anything – an all new route to work, a new cuisine, or even a new book club! Take your family or friends along to places you wouldn’t usually go to. Half the thrill is in doing things you wouldn’t be caught doing in usual circumstances!

2. Plan a weekend trip

A month-long adventure trip may not be feasible for you if you’re a working professional, but that’s what weekend getaways are for! Spark some thrill in your life by escaping from the city with your life and try out new things. Go trekking, follow nature trails, sleep under the sky – it’s a whole new world to explore once you’ve lowered your guard!

3. Do one thing new every day

That’s what living in the moment is all about! Make little changes in your daily life that will, in the long run, amount to much more. For instance, instead of going to your usual coffee place, check out a new café. On another day, ditch all your electronic gadgets, and embrace nature in its truest form. Remember, your adventure begins the moment you start seeking inspiration from the things around you.

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