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How to: Choose the Best Location for your Weekend Home

June 2016


As with any property purchase, location must hold a special place. For your weekend home, however, location becomes all the more crucial. After all, no matter how beautiful your home is, if it takes you forever to reach there, the entire experience goes down the drain. So, before you settle down on a weekend home, here’s how to decide which location is the best:

1. Can you get there easily?

Now, we understand that the entire idea of a weekend home is that it’s away from the hustle-bustle of the city. But, that shouldn’t mean that your home is tucked away in a remote corner with minimal connectivity and access. A weekend home in a great location must be accessible at all times and shouldn’t take a lot of effort on your part.

2. Are you going to rent it out?

If you do, selling it merely on the basis of its square footage isn’t going to help you. Prospective renters look out for properties in popular locations with every convenience in close proximity. You may find it exceptionally hard to rent out your second home for the next few years if the location is nothing to write home about.

3. Is the house ideal for your future lifestyle?

Interests are known to evolve with time. While today you may be very much interested in adventure activities, but what about ten or fifteen years down the line? Your weekend home should be able to accommodate all kinds of recreational activities for your family, regardless of the age group.

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