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Home Away from Home

December 2015


In today's digital era life moves at a breakneck pace. Through the aid of science and technology, we are getting closer to each other, not in person but digitally. So has this hyper-digital world confined us to our little cocoon of digital space? The answer is simple, our personalities, like our cities, are growing outwardly, and we are losing connect with the inner beauty. We are getting away from the beauty of nature. We are missing the beauty of blue skies, green grass beds, the chirp of birds and buzz of bees. Fortunately, we have a place which will reunite you with your older self. The place is – Royal Purandar.

Situated on foothills of gorgeous Purandar Fort, Royal Purandar is a grand scheme of N.A. villa plots set in the ethereal beauty of nature. Royal Purandar is a double delight. The beauty of nature is tagged with the historic significance Purandar fort, which is an important part of the glorious Maratha history. One can feel the sense of royalty in the air of Royal Purandar. A place which is designed to evoke the sense of aristocracy. 

Though it takes you close to nature and history, it never deprives you of the comforts of city life. The splendorous N.A. plots here are packed with the provisions for all the modern luxuries. The lifestyle amenities at Royal Purandar fittingly complement its illustrious setting. One can go footloose on a jungle trek along with friends. If you feel too lazy for outdoor action, you can pamper yourself with a spa treatment. Above all, the spectacular valley view binds them all in the lace of nature. You will never run out of options to amuse yourself at Royal Purandar. 

Royal Purandar rates quite high on connectivity too. In a way, it is a unique quality of this project. It gives you a feel of being well away from the bustle of the city, but you stay conveniently close to the city. Royal Purandar is just 45 minutes drive from Pune, while the Pune-Bangalore highway is only 7 km away, which accounts for smooth and easy connectivity. 

So, what are you waiting for? Your dream of a home in the galore of nature has come true at Royal Purandar.