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7 Things that Make the Perfect Weekend Getaway

April 2016



Planning your next weekend trip? It takes so much to arrange a getaway from the monotony of our routine life. Let’s make sure, we have it all planned and perfected!

Here are 7 things that will make your weekend getaway an absolutely fantastic trip:

1. Hill station, Beach or Desert- choose a perfect place

Not everyone is fond of hilly terrain or roaring sea waves or windy plains. If not travelling alone, pick a place that suits everyone.

2. Book spacious accommodations

A decent place to stay adds up to the fun of holidays. So, be it a villa, farmhouse, apartment hotels or lake-side tents, make a choice accordingly.

3. Take your medicines/supplements along

While holidays are diet cheatdays too, we should always have a handful of medicines, vitamins or other important daily supplements handy.

4. Keep digital distractions away

While capturing every moment of your weekend holiday is precious, uploading it on social media can wait till you get back home. Enjoy this moment to the fullest!

5. Pack efficiently

It isn’t a great idea to carry excess baggage on your holiday. Weekend trips are short, pack only what you will ‘really’ need!

6. Don’t rush through the weekend

Planning too much and ending up doing nothing is the biggest weekend trip blunder. Divide the days into time packages of two-three hours and take out time for long breaks between two activities.

7. Leave all worries behind

Weekends are intervals in your busy life. Make the most of it! #LiveInspired

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