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7 Reasons Why Weekend Villas Are A Rising Trend

April 2016


There are tons of good hotels and resorts to head to for the weekends but where do you go when you want something more than a hotel? Weekend Villa is the place you need to be. The bliss of heading to your own personal sanctum of solace far from the madness of the city is something that’s best understood when experienced. 

Located just 45 minutes from Pune, lie Royal Purandar a weekend township like no other. It’s expansive outdoors and impressive interiors make it an address that would instantly make you forget all about the city. In this blog we list out 7 reasons why weekend villas are a rising trend and why Royal Purandar is nothing like your regular weekend villa. So let’s get started!

1) Privacy -

No loud co-guests, no clutter and absolutely  no clamour- your personal weekend villa gives you the luxury of enjoying weekends and vacations far from prying eyes and unwanted interferences. Royal Purandar with its well planned open spaces and tastefully developed features makes an ideal weekend getaway. Ideal for those seeking to spend quality time with one’s family and friends, this address offers the perfect break from the humdrum of the city. 

2) Safety-

Most weekend villas are located in gated communities and estates which means they offer high level of security. Royal Purandar is no different. A contemporary gated community, Royal Purandar offers you the privilege of unwinding and de-stressing in a safe haven of solitude. Though it is spread across an impressive 160 acres, it is well guarded by an elite range of top-class security features. 

3) A holiday experience like no other-

You are unique so why should  your holiday be any different?  The wide array of outdoor activities at Royal Puranadar will leave its dwellers spoilt for choice.  Enjoy a quite stroll through the nature trails or simply sit by the pool enjoying the evening breeze or challenge yourself  to a  demanding trek- the options are endless so are the experiences! 

4) A home away from home-

Nothing feels like  home than home! No matter how elaborate and indulgent a hotel may be, it can never match up to the warmth and comfort of a home. The freedom of dinning at your whim and fancy, the bliss of whipping a yummy meal for the family, the joy of personalising the space according to your mood and liking – your weekend home at Royal Purandar will always be that perfect home away from home.  

5) Celebrating space-

The freedom of space is one of the many things that most city dwellers have to compromise with. However, a weekend villa celebrates space like no other. Step into Royal Puranadar to experience the seamless confluence of  space, aesthetics and unmatched comforts. Each of its villa comes with an intrinsic sense of space. It not only offers colossal interiors but also expansive outdoors punctuated with finest lifestyle amenities. 

6) Feel less like a tourist-

An authentic holiday experience- this is what most weekend villas offer. Tastefully designed and carefully planned, most of these villas are built to offer unmatched solitude and solace to its dwellers. Royal Purandar brings forth spaces that’d make you feel instantly at home .  From organic farming to rainwater harvesting to fishing, it will always encourage you to enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed- uninterrupted! At Royal Purandar you’ll always #LiveInspired! 

7) Rental assurance and appreciation-

Now this is what sets Royal Purandar leagues apart from most of its contemporaries.  It not only offers you a weekend getaway like no other but also helps your money grow. With Rs.1.25 Lac in rental assurance for 2 years and with a rate of appreciation of over 120% in the last 2 years- Royal Purandar is the place to invest in.