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7 Perks of Living in Resort-like Homes

May 2016


A home that’s designed using the latest architectural elements, yet provides a resort-like laid-back environment, is no less than a dream. If you’re a prospective investor looking to buy a second home, here are seven exciting perks of zeroing in on a resort-like abode:

1. Nature, nature everywhere.

If you come from a concrete jungle, there’s nothing more rejuvenating that living amidst lush greenery and natural environs punctuated with scenic panoramas. A resort home makes for the perfect hideout from the hustle-bustle of city life.

2. Water bodies/Swimming pools.

Resort-like homes are well-equipped with multiple water bodies such as swimming pools, koi ponds, and canals. Imagine – doesn’t the mere prospect of having a pool all by yourself, for however long you want, make you feel relaxed?

3. Promoting air movement.

Needless to say, unlike the cramped buildings in the city, a resort home is large in size with excellent ventilation. Add to it the natural setup that surrounds it, and you have purer, fresher air every minute of every day.

4. Endless recreation and adventure.

Challenge the adventure enthusiast in you with the multiple recreational activities that resort homes come tagged with. While your life back at home may not allow you to embark on an adventurous journey, a resort home makes that happen with utmost ease.

5. Unparalleled privacy.

Don’t want to see your neighbour’s face? Sorted! The large expanse of resort homes is no less than your own personal cocoon where you can enjoy endless moments of solitude with your closest family members, without being bugged by the outside world.

6. Customisation.

Most homes in the city – especially the ones part of a mega-township – come with their own set of architectural limitations. A resort home, on the other hand, is all yours to build the way you want! Simply purchase a plot, and get the architect in you working!

7. Permanent vacation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your whole life turned into one never-ending vacation? Owning a resort home makes you a proud owner of an abode in one of the most beautiful settings in the area. Dotted with fabulous amenities and endless things to do, your troubles back home become a distant worry.

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