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5 Weekend Trips You Should take in your 40s

June 2016


The glorious 40s! What a fun phase- an amazing career, a beautiful family and priceless experiences! However, ironically 40s is also an age when one tries to settle for the mundane things. Weekly grocery trips replace fun weekend outings, the couch and a bowl of popcorns become the main agenda for off days and holidays. Though, there isn’t anything wrong with such weekend choices, it just doesn’t match the level of joy a fun weekend trip would give. A quick getaway far from the humdrum of the city can be both invigorating and therapeutic. 

Here we list out 5 amazing weekend getaways from Pune: 

1) Kamshet- Picturesque and surreal, this quaint locale is a hub for nature lovers and  adventure junkies.  It also has surreal scenic zones for you to just relax and unwind. Places like Kondeshwar temple and Vidveshwar temple, Vadivali Lake, Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa caves are a must-visit. 

2) Rajmachi- Another fun weekend getaway from Pune, Rajmachi is located within the Sahyadri Ranges. Come rains and this place transforms into a lush paradise packed with scenic grandeur.  Its luscious green expanses and delicate streams make it a great weekend destination. 

3) Panchgani- A relatively popular tourist spot, Panchgani’s pleasant climate and charming surroundings makes it hard not to visit this place. With places like the Sydney and Parsi points, both overlook the stunning river Krishna, it is the perfect antidote to a stressful week. 

4) Malshej Ghat- A paradise for bird watchers, this place is blessed beyond compare. Home to a varied range of flora and fauna, it acts as a perfect buffer from the madness of the city. Splendid views of the valleys and ravines further elevate the experience. 

5) Alibaug- This coastal town of Maharashtra is an absolute must-visit. Sandy beaches, azure water and soul soothing ambiance- there isn’t much that you’d want once you are here. Alibaug’s hypnotic beauty makes it an amazing weekend getaway. 

However,  if you live and around Royal Purandar you need not look for another weekend destination. It is so because this expansive project packed with varied adventure activities and scenic sites will never fail to impress and inspire you. Irrespective of your age, Royal Purandar will always be the perfect match for all your weekend plans. Your weekends will no longer be the same!