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5 villa destinations to #LiveInspired

May 2016


Remember the ecstasy of roaming around freely in your private garden, sitting for hours by the small pond in your courtyard or singing by the frolicking fountain that would light up in the evening?

Well, it can’t be denied that villas have a distinct charm that is hard to find in residential apartments stacked upon one another. If you are also one of those yearning souls in search of a second home situated away from city’s chaos, here’s a rather useful list of 5 villa destinations that you could choose from:

1) Villas by the lake

Having a shimmering lake flowing in your backyard can be nothing less than a heavenly delight. See the moon’s reflection in the lake at night or witness the sunrays strike against the breezy water, #LiveInspired!

2) Villas on the hilltop

Who would not want to have a great view that overlooks the entire city? Villas on hilltops gift you with an unrestricted view of both the sky and the landscape.

3) Villas by the sea

Vacations at beach can become a way of life if you pick one of these. Living by the sea is what most of the celebrities around the world are aching for!

4) Villas by the hillside

Mountains are one of the best companions that Nature has gifted us with. Living by the mountain keeps us enveloped in lush greenery along with keeping the temperatures comparatively low.

5) Villas in a large gated community

There is no denying that wilderness appeals! But what could be better than finding a place with all the virtues of independent villas, yet carefully protected within a well-crafted community!

Take a look at the beautifully-designed gated community of Royal Purandar, near Pune and find your dream villa! It’s a 160-acre gated community encompassing villas & N.A. plots ranging between 5000 sq.ft.  to 40,000 sq.ft. , just 45 min drive from Pune. With a fully developed infrastructure and a fleet of amenities at your disposal, this villa destination gives you every reason to #LiveInspired! Check this out : Weekend Villas near Pune