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5 Things to Look for in the Perfect Spa Getaway

May 2016


Spa getaways are getting more and more common, for obvious reasons. We won’t get into the whole “everyone needs a break from today’s stressful life” chatter like everyone else. The bottom line is, you could really use a bit of down time.

All the 5-star hotels in the city have spas of course, and there are quite a few independent chains as well. The new trend, however, is getting away for a weekend to a spa resort.

Here are 5 things you should be looking for in the perfect spa getaway:

1. Cleanliness

This is first on the list because it’s the most important. There’s absolutely no compromising on cleanliness. All surfaces and linens must be spotless – no old robes, no empty bottles, no full trashcans or worn out equipment. Don’t feel picky; if it’s below par it shouldn’t be there. 

2. Nature

There’s nothing as relaxing and calming as the sound of wind rustling through leaves, the smell of the earth and the trees, the sight of lush greenery extending into the horizon. As modern and luxurious as you want your spa to be, it simply must be enveloped in nature.

3. Location

Location, location, location – you don’t want to drive back home for 5 hours after your relaxing, rejuvenating weekend. The traffic and horns will blast the Zen right back out of you.

4. Luxury

A spa is all about indulging oneself and feeling pampered. From the staff to the décor, room sizes and even the beverages offered, everything must be above par and almost otherworldly in its luxury.

5. Spaciousness

An airy and welcoming foyer, vast treatment rooms that aren’t right next to each other (you don’t want to be able to hear the masseuse walking around next door), yoga pavilions, outdoor spaces – an open and spacious spa will give you that ethereal, relaxed feeling.

There aren’t too many spa resorts around the city, but we happen to know of one coming up just 45 minutes away – at Royal Purandar, of course. The Six Senses Spa Resort is all set to make its entry into the country in this 160-acre community offering weekend villas near Pune.

Needless to say, with the world-renowned brand it is, a Six Senses Spa Resort has all these features and more. Come, #LiveInspired by luxury and enjoy an unmatched life at Royal Purandar.