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5 Reasons Why Villas are the Next Big Thing

June 2016


Villas are slowing gaining popularity amongst home buyers because of the numerous benefits they offer such as more freedom of space, the ability to modify exteriors well as interiors and more. Let's have a look at why more and more homebuyers are opting to invest in villas:

1. When it comes to customisation, villas offer more freedom. You can craft your villa exactly how you want! This degree of freedom is not offered by a flat or apartment, where there can be no easy expansion or reconstruction.

2. One of the greatest benefits of buying a villa is the exclusivity and privacy. There is no disturbance from neighbours with a villas, unlike in apartments where you can hear sounds from adjacent apartments and top floors.

3. The time taken to construct villas is far less than that required for apartments.

4. If you love gardening, then you have ample space to build on your interest.

5. Villas located away from cities are the perfect real estate opportunity, as they offer you a respite from the clutter and clamour of a city. You will enjoy the companionship of nature, a weekend getaway and reap the benefits of a smart investment.

In keeping with the new demand for weekend getaways and villas, Royal Purandar, a 160 acre gated community located only 45 mins away from Pune, offers a range of villas and N.A. plots. Besides offering you all the benefits of a villa mentioned above, it offers a range of top-notch amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, gym, adventure sports and more!

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