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5 Reasons Why Living In a Villa Is a Dream Come True

June 2019


Over-populated places, congested roads, never-ending traffic noises, omnipresent pollution – living in the city can be advantageous but it comes with its downsides. Now imagine living in a luxurious villa, in a serene locale secluded from the noise and pollution. Isn’t that the life you’ve always imagined? Here are 5 reasons why villa living can offer you everything that you’ve ever dreamed of in a home.


Utmost Privacy

If you detest the fact that there’s very little privacy on offer in city apartments, the villa life is definitely for you. No nosy neighbors, no prying eyes! Enjoy a space of your own where you can live the life that you want.


Morning coffee on the patio, yoga in the garden or surprise romantic dinner on the terrace - living in a villa can be an absolute pleasure!

Design your own Space

Not only do you get much more space than city apartments, you also have the unlimited freedom to make that space your own – just the way you and your family would prefer it.


Want an extended patio, dedicated gaming room, elegant dining room or a tree-house for your kids? Get creative with your ideas and make them happen.

Serene Life

After a day filled with noise and constant chatter, coming back to a villa unencumbered by sounds of traffic, bickering neighbors and noisy neighborhood kids can be the best part of your day.


Unwind after a hard day of work in your own personal space and enjoy a nice time with your family and friends.

Live the Life you Desire

A cozy home for your family, a secluded pad for yourself or the ultimate party place – you can choose the lifestyle you desire and live it at your own private villa. Plant a kitchen garden, have your own tennis court or let your pets run free without worrying about lack of space, society rules or neighbors complaining.


Classy, cozy, luxurious or quirky – let your villa reflect the person you are!

Investment for the Future

It’s a known fact that villas offer a big return on investment. Villas not just make for great living spaces but they are also an excellent investment opportunity. Use your villa or put it on rent and enjoy the capital appreciation that your villa will accrue each year.


While property values may fluctuate at times but the demand for villas will always be on the rise.

If the villa life is your calling, then Royal Purandar is the right place for you. Set amidst inspiring locales on the foothills of the Purandar Fort, this 160-acre NA plot project not only offers you multiple avenues for active living but also provides complete guidance while you build your dream villa in the community.