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5 Benefits of Living at a Higher Altitude

May 2017


Sometimes, life at the sea level just doesn’t seem to cut it. Of course, the term sea level in itself can be quite deceiving—there’s rarely ever a sea view, and there’s a long list of inconveniences. Higher levels of air pollution and greater population density is just the tip of the iceberg. So, here are some reasons why you should consider living at a higher altitude:

1. You’ll always breathe in clean air: Apart from being cleaner, quieter and much more peaceful, higher altitudes also assure you of pure air. With the air pollution reaching alarming levels in the city, moving slightly higher up might just be the best thing you can do for your health right now.

2. You’ll stay fit and healthy: Hilly regions and uphill climbs give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a scenic workout in the outdoors. Being fit and healthy has never been more pleasurable than that.

3. The scenic view never gets old: Leave the traffic, the noise and the chaos behind. At a higher altitude, the spectacular view promises to take your breath away—every single time you look out the window.

4. The weather will always be great: Living at a higher altitude guarantees great weather all year round. You might even forget what the summer heat feels like.

5. Planning a weekend getaway will be easier than ever before: With the allure of scenic destinations and recreational activities not too far away from you, planning a weekend getaway whenever you like will be easier than it has ever been before.

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