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3 Ways to Lead a Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

April 2016


There is a sense of unparalleled accomplishment when you grow your own food and generate your own energy.  The very fact that you know the source of the food you consume is extremely liberating. A self-sustaining lifestyle makes you self- sufficient in numerous ways and to top it all, also serves the society positively. 

When people decide to switch to a self sufficient lifestyle, they often think that it can be best followed on a farm in the countryside. However, the good news is that you need not shift to a farm in some remote village to pursue a self –sustaining lifestyle. 

Here we list out 3 easy ways to lead a self-sustaining lifestyle: 

1) Grow your own food!-

There is almost nothing that food can’t heal! Growing your own food comes with countless added benefits. It’s not only healthier than its commercially grown counterparts, but is also way safer to consume. Sans most harmful chemicals, you get to enjoy wholesome nourishment and nutrients. 

2) Bid adieu to the power grid-

Produce your own electricity. Solar energy is the most potent form of energy that can be utilized in a million ways. Harnessed by means of cost-effective solar panels and solar grids, solar energy is both economical and practical.  This renewable energy is also considered as the purest and cleanest form of energy. 

3) Look for natural sources of water-

Water is one of the most precious natural resources. When you lead a self-sustaining lifestyle you start focussing on holistic sustenance. Only natural sources of water that are perennial round the year, is used to cater to all daily needs. 

Back to basics, is how a self-sustained lifestyle can be best described.  Royal Purandar, India’s biggest weekend township is a fine example of a self sustaining lifestyle. Spread across an impressive 160 acres, this heaven lies nestled amongst majestic hills and lush green expanses.  

What makes this eco-friendly project different from its counterparts is its ability to adapt and synergize various lifestyle choices.  It has acres of open land earmarked for organic farming and also generates its own power. What’s even more interesting is that it gets water from natural sources which are perennial round the year. Royal Purandar offers a lifestyle that’s perfectly in sync with nature. #LiveInspired !